Thursday, April 9, 2009

You Could've Been Something I'd be Good at

A Conversation Between the Creators of our holy Pigeon Stew!
(all names have been changed to typical internet chatroom names to protect their identities)

Gary Masterson: hey
CumDumpster69: hey you!
Gary Masterson: knock, knock,
CumDumpster69: who’s there?
Gary Masterson: your lover, and I’ll always be there
CumDumpster69: Awe!
Gary Masterson: I love you…so much
CumDumpster69: I love you too, I wish to embrace you, like the sky embraces the earth, in an eternal dance of love
Gary Masterson: I wish to tongue kiss you while under the sea, but then realize I’m not under the sea, I’m just lost in your eyes. I wish to massage your back, like a Neanderthal in the spring time, fondling your naughty places...just because I can...
CumDumpster69: Wait, lost as in lost in a forest? Or as in the hit ABC drama, LOST? Either way it is breathtaking.
Gary Masterson: I’m losing my wood with all these questions! Let’s just get to the porking!
CumDumpster69: ok
Gary Masterson: (that’s street for sexing you up)
CumDumpster69: Sexing? I though we were writing alternative poetry! I’m not that kind of girl Gary!
Gary Masterson: You’re not any kind of girl! Why did you throw yourself at me like that? FILTHY!
CumDumpster69: WHAT? Oh God. I HATE YOU!!!
Gary Masterson: You’re hate brings me erotic pleasure! AHAHA! The more you want to screw me the less turned on I am you hideous cow!
CumDumpster69: AWE NO! My mother told me I was beautiful!
Gary Masterson: Too bad you’re mother is laughing her buns off AS WE SPEAK!
CumDumpster69: Oh! You PIG!
Gary Masterson: Takes one to know one!
CumDumpster69: All this is getting old! Can we just get to the make-up sex now?
Gary Masterson: Yeah baby go on webcam

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