Monday, April 20, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year!

Hello dear friends!

Tonight is the night of Four Twenty! On this most joyous of holidays the slowly minded band together to pay respects to their pagan god, Robert Marley. They go into a frenzy, enjoying his smooth reggae stylings, whilst abusing their bodies with man manipulated substances which were never intended for the meat bags that are their bodies have become. While they chant in a disorientated tumult in the streets during school and business hours, the elderly are enraged, and the few sober individuals in the premises are made incredibly uncomfortable. A couple true fans of this Robert Marley character become very disappointed at the blatant misunderstanding of Marley's views. And at this, we at Pigeon Stew would like to give a salute to anyone who was high at least twice today, especially those committed enough to get up at twenty minutes past the fourth hour of the morning so that they could participate in the legend that is 4:20.
Until next year,

Happy 4:20!
The Pigeon Stew Crew

P.S If you check the post time, we're off to blaze some crazy shit together, I hope you are too!

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