Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post-Easter Paedophage

This Easter Season has brought everyone here at Pigeon Stew much love and comfort. Not only have we learned much about eachother, but in our shared experiences, we learned a little tidbit about ourselves too. As the Pigeon Stew team was attending Easter Mass together, we were caught in a comprimising dillema. We were doing what we usually do in mass, listening attentively and praying for salvation, when, well, I need to put this in context...

Priest: It is now time for the veneration of the Cross, this is a custom ceremony every Easter, and it is asked that you remain in silent meditation until our time in the church is over.
Foxy: Hey Chowda, what does veneration mean?
Chowda Chops: It’s when you kiss the wood of the cross to show your love for Jesus
Foxy: no way!
Chowda Chops: why?
Foxy: I love Jesus but he can’t make me kiss his wood!

I'm beginning to think this Jesus guy isn't who I thought he was...

Pray for my Tarnished Soul,

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