Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Hepatitis Day!

Hello dearest!
It's hepatitis day! So enjoy it! Share a needle, lick handrails, share your blood with strangers, it's all okay! Here are some hepatitis facts that you've probably never heard because I just made them up...

  1. Fifty-cent has an unreleased track called "Hep. B", with the lyrics:
    "I neva got vaccinated for hepatits B,
    now hepatitis B is deep insido me...gangstaz"
  2. Canadians invented the zipper, the slinky, and Hepatitis A. (think about it...think about it)
  3. You can get hepatitis from goats, my apologies to all those who made goat pinatas (refer to goat pinata post)

That's all for now, keep licking those handrails!


(with street cred. to one of the sneaky piglets)

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