Monday, November 1, 2010

Announcing the 'Post Hipster Movement'

Thought just being a hipster was hard? Then don't even try to be post hipster.

But Foxy! What makes a hipster any different than a post-hipster.
Well, post hipsters don't directly speak to anyone, let alone answer questions when a stranger e-mails them, so go sit on it. (post hipsters LOVE disgusting old sayings, not to be confused with hipsters,who are just disgusting and old)

Post hipsters are the coolest of cool, tacky Christmas sweaters in June, cutoffs in the winter. But wait! Not cutoff jeans, that's too hipster. The newest craze is cutoff underpants. That't right. Does your dad have any old and stained underpants around? The more stained the better, cut those babies off until they literally aren't even a garment anymore.

That isn't even the half of it. It's well known that Hipsters love irony, but post-hipsters make ironic statements ABOUT irony, not to mention they constantly define irony and tell other people they aren't being ironic ironically.

Like to photoshop? That's good, keep doing it...but only using paint.

Like ray bans? Crush them. Post hipsters only wear American Chopper Brand Glasses.

Like facial hair? Don't even think about it unless you can grow a hulihee.

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